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The Best Beach Front Real Estate Locations in Oahu, Hawaii


Waikiki beach

The Best Beach Front Real Estate Locations in Oahu, Hawaii

The spectacular beaches in Oahu, Hawaii, are world famous. Millions of visitors go there to relax, sightsee, and enjoy the crystal clear beautiful white sand every year, and many, if not all, never want to leave. Generally, if a person can afford a multi-million dollar property, then owning Hawaii waterfront real estate will be their first choice.

Kailua Beach & Lanikai Beach

Some of the most beautiful Hawaii beach front and ocean front homes are located in Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach. Kailua offers over two miles of sandy beach and is a popular spot for windsurfing and other beach-friendly activities. Although Kailua does have its share of tourists, it is primarily a residential area with approximately 36,500 residents and its beautiful white sands are a compliment to the luxuriously extravagant houses there that start at an asking price of $3.5 million.

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach, a south shore beach on Oahu, is world famous for its magnificent views of Diamond Head, a 760-foot crater made of volcanic ash near Honolulu. Waikiki is made up of Fort DeRussy Beach, Waikiki Beach, Kuhio Beach, and Queen Surf beach and is frequented by over four million tourists per year. Hawaii beach front property along Waikiki Beach is limited to several condos, as there are no beachfront houses. Waikiki condo prices vary greatly, anywhere from $150,000 for a studio to over $12,000,000 for a 10,000+ sq ft 9-bedroom penthouse. In Waikiki, Hawaii waterfront real estate is best saved for those that love busy beaches and a plethora of activities to witness and enjoy.

Diamond Head

In Diamond Head, Hawaii waterfront real estate is different than most other beach front properties due to the fact that the water is not quite lapping up to the edges of your property. Many homes are several hundred feet above the sand on or near the cliff’s edge, giving spectacular views of the ocean.

The view is, hands down, the high point of these properties, as the waves are not so gentle and the sand is not as white as in other beaches. This high-end community is very close to Honolulu, making it an excellent place to live if a person works downtown. Many Hawaii waterfront real estate properties here can cost approximately $5 million on the lower end of the price scale.

Kaneohe Town

Hawaii beach front real estate in Kaneohe Town with a private dock into Kaneohe Bay is a spectacular option, although these properties are few and far between. Kaneohe Town offers the convenience of a mall and other downtown attractions, while other beaches further north are a further removed from such conveniences. Most of the waterfront homes in Kaneohe Town are starting just above the million dollar range.

Makaha Beach

Another popular beach for Hawaii waterfront real estate is Makaha Beach on Oahu’s west coast. Visitors like to go to Mahaka Beach Park, yet it is rarely crowded. Residents here will enjoy huge beaches, swimming, body boarding, and challenging surfing. This is the driest part of Oahu, and it is generally very hot. Hawaii beachfront homes are cheaper here than in some of the other beach locations in Oahu. This is generally due to the long drive into Honolulu and the fact that homes may not be kept in the best conditions. On average, a person could buy a large beachfront house on a sizable lot with $1.5 million.

The North Shore

A person will not have to search very hard for Hawaii beach front property on Oahu’s vast North Shore. There are more beachfront homes here than any in other place on the island, as most of the shore is covered with homes all along this part of the coast. The North Shore offers the most breathtaking views on Oahu. Huge swells are common on the North Shore, which provides excess sand for its beaches. About a million tourists visit the area each year. There are several communities that make up the North Shore, including: Waimea, Malaikahana, Waialua, Sunset, Haleiwa, Pupukea, Laie, and Mokuleia. Property prices vary, but many are in the $3 million range and above. Many of these properties can be made into profitable upscale rentals.

Laie and Kaawa

Furthermore, Laie and Kaaawa, both located in the east side of the North Shore of Oahu, offer more affordable Hawaii beachfront homes. Some of these homes are in less than perfect condition due to the strong winds that carry the sea’s salty air and are not suitable for people that have to commute to work. People that work from home could enjoy the seclusion of these properties, beautiful bays, and uninhabited beaches that stretch for miles. Homes in these areas can vary, from about half a million to a couple million dollars, probably due to their distance from downtown or populated areas more than any other factor.

Hawaii Kai

Living on Hawaii beachfront real estate in Hawaii Kai (located in east Oahu) is a little more difficult due to the fact that most of the homes are oceanfront homes rather than beachfront. There are very few sandy beaches in Hawaii Kai, and most of the homes are on the marina, complete with their own docks. Some homes are on cliffs overlooking the ocean. However, in Portlock and Kuliouou, some homes come with a little piece of beach right on the ocean. These beautiful homes offer great views of the bay and are generally priced in the million dollar range. Hawaii Kai is a quiet welcoming community with approximately 30,000 residents.

The best beaches in Oahu can be within one’s reach of one’s own home if an interested, potential buyer does some careful research and takes into consideration the varying property values near and on these beaches. Beach front homes and condos are, more often than not, luxurious and a clear statement of status and wealth. Before investing in any property, it is important to consider the pros and cons of the area, such as the influx of tourists per year, upkeep costs due to salty sea air and other beachfront concerns, distance from work and other conveniences, property taxes, and amount of beach owned. Once these factors are taken into consideration, finding one’s dream home can become more of a reality than ever before.

Interested in purchasing beachfront or oceanfront property in Oahu, Hawaii? Please contact me today and I will get back to you shortly with a list of best beachfront and ocean front homes available for sale that match your criteria and fit your budget. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your all Hawaii real estate needs.